Friday, August 29, 2008

Catch Me If You Can

Tall. Handsome. Muscular. 30-something. Mesmerizing green eyes. Celebrity smile. *sigh* A definite catch. Alas, he’s not interested in me at this moment. No. His mind is on her instead. Blonde. Gorgeous. Big blue eyes. Incredible smile. Infectious laugh. A personality so magnetic, you can’t help but like her.

I watch him chase her. She’s definitely toying with him. She wants to be caught, but pretends to be surprised that he won’t leave her alone. She’s so lucky. I want nothing more than to be in her shoes right now. However, I can’t help but laugh and enjoy the cat and mouse game that ensues before my eyes. It’s endearing, really.

Eventually, he’ll tire out and give up. She’ll keep flirting, asking for trouble, before she comes to the conclusion that her pursuer has lost interest. Then what? Will I have my chance to gaze into his soulful eyes and find that my place in his heart hasn’t faltered?

I comfortably share the object of my affection with her (the blonde). Even though she has it all over me, I don’t mind a bit. I watch her turn her head and laugh as she watches him close in on her. He’s almost got her. Her eyes are smiling as big as her toothy grin. Her curly, baby fine hair bounces around her dimples as she swings her head back to keep him in her sight. Her bubbly giggles echo in the soft, still, summer air at dusk. The sun sets on the two of them running through the yard, ending the day on a happy note. It is true bliss. A precious blessing. A motion picture for the memory to cherish, always.

As my husband scoops up and showers my daughter with kisses, I begin thanking God for leading me to this wonderful man that I was meant to share the rest of my life with. Panoramic views such as this are what make my heart beat faster for him. Watching him care for, hold, and love our children only makes him more special to me. It is only right that I treasure every fiber of his being. He is my best friend, my heart and soul, my endless love, my everything.

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cookie725 said...

This is too adorable and heart warming...
I just love you and your family, you know that??